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This metal detector has several different search modes: Coin, Coin and Jewelry, Deep Silver, High Trash. The device’s functionality allows conducting search in any conditions, detecting both small and large targets and ignore metal-containing rubbish. This is the first time when a color LCD-display was installed on Minelab metal detector. A professional metal detector XP Deus with 9 inch coil is made using modern wireless connection technology.

Some of them can run a few hundred dollars but for the most part, you can pick up a metal detector for as little as $50 or less. Metal detecting is for more than adults and getting the kids involved can be a great activity to get them up off the couch and in the great outdoors. This metal detector works in all modes and has a 2-way adjustable armrest which allows you to have the perfect fit making it comfortable to carry with you. When it comes to choosing a detector to help with hunting for gold, one of the better models happens to be the Garrett ATX.

These cases protect your device and extend the lifespan so you won’t need to worry if you accidentally drop it while out metal detecting. If you’re looking for a waterproof metal detecting pinpointer, on the other hand, this might not be the gadget for you. The ‘AT’ in its name means ‘All Terrain’, meaning it can be used not just for metal detecting on land but also in the water too. Those who are new to metal detecting are often surprised by the aches and pains they experience after a full day of searching, so finding a machine which helps you to avoid all the bending, squatting and kneeling is essential.

On the other hand, such a coin alone located edgeways 4 inches deep is better recognized at 18 kHz frequency (it is true for just one coin, because if there are many of them located edgeways in a pile – in this case low frequency will do better). But if the coin is deeper down, then with 4 kHz of operation frequency it’d be more clearly “heard”.

What makes this metal detector so nice is it comes in weighing only 4.5 pounds. This metal detector features a 10″ scan area that allows for quick and accurate scanning. Overall this is a great metal detector for those looking to take a step up in the hobby.

You’ll dig the large, 10″ search coil, which gives you a large surface area to search on. Unlike many other metal detectors in this price range, the National Geographic Series has a pinpoint feature, helping you to distinguish trash from treasure. There are three separate detection modes, as well as four sensitivity levels to help you discover treasure in different places. The 10″ coil makes is just big enough for creating a mid-sized detection area while the 2lb build makes it super easy to carry around.

Some can have the search coil in the water, others can’t have anything in the water, while others can go fully under. Many people just assume that all metal detectors can be used in the water, however, it’s just not the case, and you will likely break your ,detector and void your warranty if you do so. Metal detecting isn’t just something us grownups get to do and enjoy, it’s also great to get kids involved too. Normally when I go out treasure hunting for the day – I’m looking for gold.

Extras included in the package are a carrying case that has the same great craftsmanship as the metal detector. The Winbest Sharp Edition is the last metal detector on the list. But with a low price and great learning curve, it is the ideal choice for a kid’s first metal detector.

Quite often the beginners tend to buy a professional metal detector at once. Professional multi-frequency metal detectors with 28 operation frequencies from 1,5 to 100 kHz can perform searching both at high and low frequency, which allows to combine in one device the best features of low frequency and high frequency metal detectors.

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These metal detectors are from two of the most trusted and reputable brands out there, and they fulfill all the essential things to have in a good quality metal detector. It’s imperative to take good care of the machine you plan on using all the time for your treasure hunts.

Designed to have even better and faster detection of the smallest targets, you can have a lot of flexibility over where you search for your targets. If you’re looking for great value and good sensitivity, this could be the best pin-pointer for you. As one helpful extra addition there’s a lost Pro-Pointer alarm helping you to avoid the inconvenience (and embarrassment) of leaving your detector behind. That’s going to prove extremely useful if you’re out sifting through soil or using your device in muddy puddles.

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Even a truly-effective metal detector for beginners might cost you $100 and professional models are priced well over $1,000. That’s the prime motivation for most people who are shopping for a metal detector, even though the likelihood of finding enough valuable items to retire – or even enough to pay a bill or two – is pretty slim.

Better metal detectors have “DD coils.” These look like opposing “capital D’s” and the search field they send out is narrow and blade-shaped for more precise work. They’re electromagnetic coils in the shape of rings or other designs, and their purpose is to detect the magnetic fields that metal objects create in the ground. Quality metal detectors feature many levels of discrimination, making them more precise. The coil on this model is 8″ so you can easily pinpoint where you are getting hit from the found metal.

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Weight comes in at four pounds and the eight inch coil is just the right size to balance everything out. It works fast, delivering results to the console in real time. As a heads up, buyers should be aware that this is a professional level display on a consumer device. This is a great design for a digital interface, and it borrows a lot of its design from the traditional metered metal detectors.

You can change the sensitivity, discrimination and ground condition with dials on the detector’s control panel and expect 15-18 hours of use from one 9-volt battery. Even so, the Titanium Camo picked up our buried objects of various metals 86 percent of the time, the most of any metal detector we tested.

This inexpensive metal detector would be a great choice if you are looking to start a new hobby. This pinpoint metal detector by Dr Ötek is our best value metal detector pick. On the upside, with no LCD display and slightly less functionality, this metal detector boasts a substantial battery life when compared to other more power-hungry models. Additionally, this metal detector can be a little fiddly to assemble and you should be aware that there are no batteries included with your purchase. While understandably, this budget-priced model doesn’t quite measure up to the more expensive ones in our list, it does nonetheless offer an affordable way to take up metal detecting without a large initial outlay.

Anything below that isn’t really considered a detector – it’s considered a toy. What makes one detector better than another (like cars) is the additional features and enhancements. All metal detectors detect metal – just like all cars drive down the road.

You can use this pinpointer on its own, or with a standard metal detector to help locate finds more accurately. This is one of the best metal detector models available for the beginner that offers all the features required to make a successful start to your hobby. This Garrett EuroACE Metal Detector is simple to set up and use meaning you can started with your new hobby with the minimum of research and fuss.

This is not an easy task, and if you don’t go where gold is known it’s nigh on impossible. For example, metal detectorist clubs arrange hunts and compete against each other in time trials, they hold show-and tell-meetings, and swap tips on internet forums. We’ve been practicing for this all our lives with Easter eggs hunts and now as grown-ups, we can continue the treasure hunting fun. You’ll spend less time digging for junk, and more time digging for treasure. There’s an adjustable sensitivity so you can fine-tune the machine to suit the soil conditions and your preferences.

Consider how important weight is going to be for you based on current fitness level and also what sort of time length you’re going to be using it for. Weight: This is important if you’re going to be out detecting for hours on end, even a 10pound weight will feel like a ton metal detector reviews if you’re out long enough. Weatherproof – You don’t have to worry about the coil being rained on as it’s weatherproof. The cheapest by far on this list this detector is perfect for anybody who is looking at exploring a new hobby or just something to entertain the children.

If you’ve been looking for a metal detector that can make you rich (or richer, every penny helps) then this might just be the one for you. Our third Bounty Hunter treasure detector on our list possesses a wide range of helpful and vital features that make it stand out as an excellent example of everything to love about metal detectors.

If you want to use a machine underwater, however, then you’ll need one that’s fully submersible. It’s also important to consider whether you’ll be sharing the detector with anyone else. If you’re going to be using a detector for long periods, or if you have back or shoulder injuries, a lighter detector is much more comfortable to use. Some metal detectors include accessories such as bags or even pinpointers.

Headphone jack: Your metal detector will beep as it goes along. Maneuverability: A metal detector should adjust to suit the height of its user, and it should be lightweight enough that your arm doesn’t grow tired while using it. Coil Size: Large coils cover ground more quickly while smaller coils help you to pinpoint buried metal objects. A top-of-the-line metal detector may not be worth the investment if you’re only going to take it out once a year.